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Early May Report, with Pruning Tip

Frost is predicted for tonight, right on schedule for the mid Hudson Valley, and rather than wishing it were warmer, I’m hoping the heat holds off a while more so we can have maximum spring. It’s been great so far: a noteworthy year in the magnolia department. Tulips are staying gorgeous for weeks, along with the fragrant late daffodils. And the perfumed Mohawk viburnum is opening slowly and sticking around, instead of rushing by in 2 days. Be ok with me if it stayed chilly right through lilac time.

Gardener’s Tip: Do not set foot outside without a set of light pruners. Even a five minute fresh air break gives you enough time to snip dead flowers from hyacinths, daffodils and tulips so they don’t waste energy setting seed. This is also a good time to cut back woody old branches of hardy herbs like sage and thyme; pruned plants will be better looking and you will get more tasty young growth. ( If you are ambitious, save the prunings to throw on the coals when it’s burger-grilling time).