Grey Weather, the Good ( Great Garden Light) and the Bad (Slugs)

There are years when April showers bring May rain, mist and clouds and it seems the sun will never shine again. Think what a good year it’ll be for mushrooms and  make lemonade out of the flat, even light.

Take pictures – it’s great for photography – and while you’re at it, take a close look at the leaves in the perennial garden. Overcast weather brings out contrasts: between shades of green, rough and smooth, simple and complex. Note deficiencies.If necessary, make some up, so you have an excuse to go shopping …

can’t beat it when being outdoors is unpleasant: no crowds, and the nurseries are very glad to see you. It’s definitiely the time to buy if you need spring flowering shrubs … you can still see what the flowers look like, but they don’t seduce you into ignoring more important things like basic branch structure.

Got slugs? Tired of tried and true organic controls like handpicking at night, putting out beer for them to drown in , messing around with copper foil and diatomaceous earth? The easiest alternative is Sluggo, or Escar–Go , or any other brand of slug death based on iron phosphate. It doesn’t hurt anything but slugs and snails and it’s as easy to apply as the common slug poisons – metaldehyde and methiocarb – which are REALLY poisonous, big time, to just about everything that moves.

Plain old coffee is looking promising, too. Caffeine both repels and kills slugs and snails, but researchers don’t yet know how much is too much; so be cautious if you decide to experiment.

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