Deadheading Annuals

Nothing like summer thunderstorms for reminding you the word microclimate is not to be taken lightly. There have been enough of them here to keep everything growing nicely – and knock down every tall stemmed flower except the stalwart cephalarias – but friends only a few miles away are moaning about the drought.
We are mostly moaning about the heat. A friend who lives even closer says this week’s garden tip should be to go to the movies, preferably at a theater that serves beer. This would be an excellent idea if I could just teach the cats how to deadhead annuals. Cosmos, zinnias, bachelor buttons, painted daisies, love-in-a-mist… seeds are forming everywhere and they will be the seeds of a flowerless September if I don’t get them cut off the plants soon.
We will also be strawberryless if the Tristars don’t get some tending soon. This tasty “day neutral” variety produces well into autumn if you keep the plants watered and weeded during the dog days. But that’s a big if when you’re eating peaches and cherries — and going to the movies.

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