White Flower Clouds

The crambe is in full bloom, so we are having the annual crambe debate: does it or does it not merit the space? It’s gorgeous, no doubt about that, numerous 5 foot stems topped with huge clouds of tiny white flowers, but those coarse, cabbagy leaves are not lovely – except to the slugs – and I’m not keen on the smell. Bill says the flowers ” have the fragrance of fine old pipe tobacco.” I say they smell like old socks….

Our other white clouds are the elderberries. Don’t know if it was the slow spring or something about last winter (which was milder than it felt at the time) but the elderberries are doing splendidly. We never net them, so birds will get all the fruit, but if I can squeeze out the time we’ll probably have blossom fritters at least once or twice. The flavor is pretty delicate; I’m not sure I believe the people who go into raptures over them, but they are easy enough to make and we both love doing something so traditional.

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