Stung by A Sweet Disorder

There isn’t much reason to bother with shoes when you’re just darting out to move the hose, especially now that the straw mulch on the paths is all soft and broken in. The problem is that late summer is also when many tall plants have fallen over, laying their flowering stems on said paths. Ms. Sausage-foot is thus able to report that ammonia DOES quickly dull the pain when you’ve gotten the mother of all bee stings, but don’t expect it to do anything about swelling.
A more tidy type would long ago have ripped up the bolted chicory – beautiful blue flowers be damned. And in the old days even I would have tried to do something about the thick cosmos stalks, broken at the base, that are now flowering at ankle height. Self-sown morning glories would have been ripped out – or given something besides the dahlias to climb … No more. The August garden is now a many-leveled thing and none the worse for it.

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