A Window on Cleaning Same

Taking apart the windows and giving them a thorough washing is classically a part of “Spring Cleaning” – a classification that makes sense if you’re the sort who takes down the storms each spring and puts them up in fall.

But if you are not that sort, an easy negative for some of us, window cleaning tends to slide until
a) every crumb of light is precious, and
b) every crumb of light that comes in, comes in at just the ideal low angle for showing off the difference between translucent and transparent.

Nothing will ever make it fun, but on the basis of our recent tour of the kitchen fenestration , here are a few things that make it easier:

* Cloudy days : the cleaning agent doesn’t dry out as quickly and it’s easier to see which side the streaks are on.

* Distilled water: doesn’t matter if you’re using bottled window cleaner (or – deduct many, many green points – one of the alas very efficient petrochemical sprays), but if you belong to the old fashioned vinegar or ammonia in water school, using hard water will make the job harder because hard water leaves spots.

* lint is the enemy, which is why old manytimeswashed diapers or t-shirts make ideal rags. Just be sure to give them a double rinse and dry without addititives; laundry soaps and fluffing agents leave residues that streak windows. Only downside is that you need a lot – can’t get things clean using dirty rags. That’s why

*crumpled newspaper really is the easiest and least expensive wiping medium. Rumors about ink notwithstanding, it’s the cheap low-fiber (lint-free) paper that makes it so effective. Yes, the ink comes off. Big deal. It comes off of you, too. Wear thin rubber or latex gloves if you have manicure issues.

* You think you have gotten the corners. You have not gotten the corners.

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  • Nada Said,

    I think I read your window cleaning advice before (maybe in 3000 Mile Garden – which i love) and I made sure that this last winter (sth hemisphere) the windows were clean. I noticed two things – we appreciated the clarity of the gentle winter sunlight, as did the seeds I was germinating. I had a very good germination rate which I’m putting down to window cleanliness awareness.


  • sue Said,

    Hello Leslie,
    My name is Sue, Vee sent me over to read your tips on window cleaning. I find that they are excellent tips, and I see you have so many more tips on lots of subjects. I know I am going to enjoy visiting your blog. Thank you for sharing.

    • Leslie Said,

      welcome, Sue

      I hope you do find lots of useful tips here, and some enjoyment, too. We have an excellent friend in Vee, don’t we? There’s a person who knows how to share for sure!

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