Keeping Track of your Tomatoes

Former scenario:

It’s late August. The tomato rows are solid plant. I’m down on my knees in the jungle, pushing aside the mulch, digging around in the soft earth at the base of a mystery plant. It MUST be here somewhere and when I find it I will know whether the fat juicy sweetsharp tomato we had at lunch was a Brandywine or a Prudens Purple.

tomato stakes with labels attached

No more mysteries.

The place on the pole will be covered too, but the label will still be firmly in place.

tomato label stapled to stakeIf you use wire supports you can use Kristi’s never-fail identification system. Get flat green plastic plant-tying tape, write the name on it with sunproof (!!) permanent marker and tie it to the top wire.


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  • Leigh Said,

    Good idea. My tomatoes here in Austin are six feet high in cages, so the markers will be obscured until the first freeze. I have no clue what mine are.

    Oh, well. I only have two plants, plus one yellow cherry tomato, so how hard could it be to remember?

    The urban deer herd keeps us from having a real garden like yours. I envy you.

  • leslie Said,

    Oh Leigh,

    I’ll match my exurban Hudson Valley deer herd to your urban one any time! We would have no living plants at all if we didn’t have 7 foot deer fence around both yard and garden.

    As for remembering, I don’t know about tomato plant names, but I’m perfectly capable of deciding I don’t need a grocery list since I need only two things, then coming home with only one of them.

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