Love That Licorice ( and the Toad, too)

licorice plant on holder

It’s fashionable to hate annuals, particularly common annuals like the licorice plant ( Helichrysum petiolare)  that’s spilling along here in front of the clematis. But as stepdaughter Celia says ” Phooey on that.” Better to embrace everything good, no matter what its status, and if anybody gives you any lip you can resort to name dropping and say you’re just following the example of the late, great Christopher Lloyed
who scandalized the elite gardening world when he ripped out his famous ( and historically important) rose garden at Great Dixter to  put in an eye-popping carnival of cannas, dahlias, zinnias and other déclassé denizens of the Too Loud To be Cool school. 

Merits of H. petiolare: It grows quickly; bugs don’t bother it; it’s reasonably drought tolerant – always a lovable trait in a plant that looks best bursting out of its pot – and it’s beautiful in all lights, shimmering silver over gray-green from foggy dawn through sun blasted mid day to the last blue in the evening.

small toad in licorice plant

The pot next to the clematis is perched in an iron pot stand. This one was sitting on the ground which is why it has a toad (also love them toads) in it.

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  • Michele Said,

    While off topic a bit . . . you always have such beautiful pictures while I’m sure its skill as well I’m curious what kind of camera you use? Wishes for a beautiful rest of your weekend and fun adventures in the week to come.

  • leslie Said,

    Thanks for the compliment, Michele.

    Photography is never off topic when pictures are a big part of the blog, and garden and food photography are both such headbreakers you inspire me to do a post on it (in just a minute or two).

    Believe me, skill has nothing to do with it in my case and although the answer to your question is a Nikon s10, I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact it’s driving me crazy and I plan to get something better as soon as I can afford it.

    best wishes for beauty and fun right back to you. It’s a lovely day here in Maine and I hope it’s the same wherever you are.

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