Kristi Niedermann

Leslie Land - Kristi

I suppose it’s rubbing it in to brag on having a helper who’s so endlessly willing and competent, but I am extremely fortunate. There’s no way the garden in Maine could exist without Kristi Niedermann.

From early cleanup and first spring planting through summer’s major maintenance to the last of the fall garden-to-bed she’s there with me (and in many cases for me), doing whatever needs to be done, including noticing what that is and reminding me about it.

Kristi took her degree in biology, and apprenticed for a year at the farm and garden at UC Santa Cruz, which means she has more formal training than I do; and she may be the only skilled garden helper in the Northeast who can also solve Apple computer problems.

Plus she loves the cats. And takes terrific flower photos. She’s even a bit on the mouthy side, to provide the necessary flaw in the carpet, and if she ever decides to resume world travel (ask her about Tierra del Fuego) I’ll have to close up shop.

Note: Kristi has read and approved this bio. She’s especially proud of the mouthy part.

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