Ripe Mara Des Bois and Juliet

Juliet tomato and Mara des Bois strawberry

Department of fruit being red so animals will eat it and spread the seeds and Leslie will notice it and take a picture.

This arrangement is not a put up job, honor bright.  I came in with only a few strawberries – more on the elusive Mara des Bois shortly – so I just threw them in the basket on the kitchen table on top of the Juliet plum tomatoes, our favorites for drying.

More on that, too, before long, but right now I have to go make supper: chantarelle and lobster-mushroom chowder with la ratte potatoes and what’s left of the grilled sea bass we had last night.

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  • ruralway Said,

    Gawd, I just love your blog. I quickly read the posts I missed while we were in San Francisco last week and can relate to most of them. I always grow Juliet tomatoes and last year threw the last bunch in the freezer. During the winter I would pop a few out when I needed them and run them under hot water to peel the skin. Voila, summer in January. .. Alas, I have developed an alergy to vodka ( who knew?) but have always adored potatoe vodka…It has turned out to be NOT the year for tomatoes and even with all my care and nursing, the foliage is spotted and withering-unusual for me so early in the year but we had no August heat and much rain. Drat. A rogue rabbit has found my vegetable garden deliteful and has pulled up bean plants and chewed carrot tops. I guess we will be fencing next year. I too always pledge not to pick more until I process what I have but I can’t keep up. I did win 2nd place at our annual Pies, Pickles and Preserves contest for my freezer sweet pickles made with a new variety of cucumber called ‘Diva’. More summer squash have landed in the compost pile than ever before. The low tonight is predicted for the low 40’s-could we really have frost this early in the season, please say it isn’t so. I have to dash out now and gather some kale to cook for my dogs. Thanks for your blog. I love reading it.

  • leslie Said,

    Wow. I’m honored by all that praise.

    Sympathies on vodka allergies, tomato problems and rabbit. Congrats on Juliet and Diva pickles.
    Hope it didn’t freeze…

    come to think of it, that all (except for the vodka) sounds reasonably familiar…

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