Cookie Recipe Roundup

I’ve been feeling the cookie itch, it being the season, so I thought “ well, I’ll just corral all the cookie recipes to make surveying convenient.” Then – to my great surprise – it turned out there were only seven.

Annual poppy, many generations from the purchased seed

Okay, It’s not a cookie. It’s a self-sown Shirley poppy in front of a canna leaf and the truth is it’s here because the available cookie photos are even scantier than the cookie posts.

Could’ve (and would’ve, had anyone asked) sworn I’d been bombarding you with endless cookie recipes, most of them mouthwateringly illustrated. Not true. Maybe just as well; I’m not sure more cookie recipes are, strictly speaking, needed. Nevertheless here they are, including the one for these cannoli

Cannoli (not really)

Cannoli (not really)

As you may have guessed from the pretty pattern, these are actually rolled pizzelle, a completely different pastry. Different from what’s usually meant by “cannoli,” that is. They’re still tubes, so they’re still cannoli in literal translation and of course in utility. Possible fillings include sweet ricotta, whipped cream or pastry cream and slightly softened icecream and then back in the freezer pronto .

At the other end of the fiddling spectrum: Classic Shortbread and my mother’s vanilla fragrant almond Moth cookies, both simplicity itself.

I did manage to share the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie, a sweet that knows no season, and the rather more Christmassy tasting Crisp Walnut Gingerbread…  easy if you skip molding the dough and go for the slice and bake version.

For slicing after baking: Walnut Honey Bars and Universal Suit Yourself Fruit and Nut Bars. Everything that’s good about fruitcake but not so damned much of it, all on a buttery, crumbly crust that cuts the opulent sweetness.

Finding the actual recipe may require scrolling down, btw.

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