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Just came across a contest for favorite food blogs. It ends January 9th so there’s not much time if you want to nominate one. This is a completely selfless announcement; the rules demand at least 6 posts a month for 6 consecutive months and I’m pretty sure they all have to be about food.

(in other words, this blog doesn’t qualify; something I should have been clearer about when putting up the post. Many thanks to Dawn for bringing it to my attention.)

newly-harvested rocambole garlic

newly-harvested rocambole garlic

About Food: It’s time to start using up the garlic;  rocambole (hardneck) types usually start sprouting – or decaying – in February. The Roasted Garlic and Potatoes in Olive Oil recipe is back with the how to grow garlic post.

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  • Dawn Fine Said,

    I wanted to nominate you…I have been enjoying your blog…lovely layout ..very informative blogs and some good foodie recipes..
    I went to the site but wasnt sure where to go to nominate you…any ideas?

  • leslie Said,

    Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for all the kind words – and the supportive impulse. What you do is scroll down to a category you want to nominate in, click it to get to the category page, then scroll down again to comments and post your nomination there.

    BUT on the way down, you’ll see I’m not eligible; I don’t post about food often enough. This mention was just to alert foodie readers – like you! – that the contest exists.

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