Snow in Eccleston Square

 The  big snow in Britain is making so much news I got a little worried about my long time penpal  Roger Phillips and all the nifty plantings in Eccleston Square.

No problem, quoth he:

“Yes big snow last night the largest fall since 1963!

Here are a couple of shots, the Hamamelis ‘Jelena’ was great.

Hamamelis ( witch hazel) 'Jelena'

Hamamelis ( witch hazel) 'Jelena'

 Plus a view

Eccleston Square covered with snow

Eccleston Square covered with snow

All the kids are out there making snow men.

Love Roger

Given that I’ve always wanted one and never had a place to put it, I wish he hadn’t reminded me about ‘Jalena,” a cross between Chinese and Japanese witch hazels. It not only has those spiffy winter flowers but also sports some of the most brilliant fall foliage to be found. (When you find it on the tree; autumn storms often knock it all down.)

Pictures by Roger Phillips

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  • Dear Leslie,
    It’s great to see that you are still in touch with your longtime pal, Roger. I’m happy to have discovered your blog!

  • Christine Said,


    You probably won’t believe this but just last night I took The 3OOO Mile Garden down from the shelf for a nice winter read! It’s been a few years since I’ve read it but loved it then and thought it would be a great read while waiting for a spring thaw!

    It’s nice to know you are still in touch with Roger and it was great to see a recent pic of the square.


  • leslie Said,


    Welcome. Please come back often.

    Christine, that is TOO funny! Hope the book continues to entertain… Roger’s 2 amazing sites are ( to my regret) not personal, but they are (to my delight) a constantly expanding fountain of info. about roses and mushrooms, respectively. Do give them a visit if you haven’t yet: and

  • Brenda Hage Said,

    The pictures are wonderful! I took the opportunity to reread my well loved copy of The 3000 Mile Garden too. Reading about your garden successes and failures never fails to encourage me to keep puttering in my own little garden. I will be attending a conference in London the third week of July. Although I’ll miss the open squares day, I still hope to be able to visit Eccleston Square and some of the other wonderful garden squares in London as it looks like they sell tickets on a regular basis.

  • leslie Said,


    I’ll pass your picture praises along to Roger, and it’s delightful to hear 3000 mile is encouraging – maybe I ought to reread it myself ! 🙂 It’s so gray and dismal here today I’m having trouble looking ahead, even though pea planting season will be on us before we know it.

    Enjoy visiting the squares.

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