Pruning Roses

Just in case that might be on your mind, today’s heartfelt plea is


 Not yet!!  

At least not in the Mid-Hudson Valley or most places north of here.

Having just been in the cutting garden getting an eyeful of dead material, I know the temptation is huge.

Resist. It isn’t yet time to encourage new growth. And I know ( having more than once said ” oh, it won’t hurt”) that if you prune properly, cutting past anything that looks weak, all the way down to a strong node, that node now has a wounded tip exposed directly to any hard frost that happens to come along. 

This doesn’t keep me from removing ( and burning) the bulk of the dead stuff. I just make sure to stay well away from anything living, no matter how weak and wimpy, until safe pruning time comes. It’ll only be a couple of weeks — let us hope!

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