Foxes in the Garden!

What’s to say? A mom and three very playful kits. Beyond adorable – and they don’t eat vegetables.

In fact they eat grasshoppers, voles, mice and similar garden comestibles to which they are more than welcome.  

@ leslie land, fox-by-birch

Momfox, somewhat fuzzily through the back window at dusk. Stay tuned for the little ones if I can swing it. They must live in the neighborhood; this is the fourth sighting.

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  • Ali Said,

    Beautiful! I hope you capture the kits on film. Early this spring we saw a pair chasing a neighborhood cat early one morning. Alas, we haven’t seen them since. I was hoping they’d stay nearby and dine on tender young groundhog….

  • leslie Said,

    Thanks, Ali

    And do please stay tuned. With luck I’ll get a ( better) pic of the kits; they seem to be pretty tame and it’s really a hoot to see them playing. More like puppies than kit -tens and mom REALLY looks like a dog – quite a bit like our old dear dog Lacey so it kind of gives me a start to see her.

    Nice thought about the groundhog. Would have to be a tender young one if your foxes are the red kind. They may chase cats – and occasionally grab a kitten – but even cats are usually too big and too fierce to be of interest which is a relief since our cat Vinnie will soon be in residence.

    He’s a scaredy cat by nature but no joke when pushed and we have plenty of handy trees up which he can escape.

  • Steve Said,

    This will be the highlight of the garden. One time about 10 years ago I had a red fox who frequented the compost pile. I wised up and brought food each day ( I failed to mention my garden was out of town) anyhow eventualy she came with her family. 5 kits and to my surprise each with a different shade of color. They were from a greyish color to the richest red brown.
    the mother knew I was harmless and with each passing day she wshe would bring them closer. before the season was over they were within 6 feet of me. If I had a visitor. they would never see the kits. the mother would appear briefly and vanish.
    the interesting thing was; each kit had his or her own personality. I could have named them and knew who was gentle, who was greedy, who was the fighter etc. It was a most enjoyable experience. and you will say the same… the squirrels were another ball of wax! steve

  • leslie Said,

    welcome Steve

    and thanks so much for that lovely – and encouraging! – story. I do hope they stick around; would bring them dogfood the way a neighbor does except I fear attracting raccoons and if the skunks start chowing down too I’m looking at major dogfood bills.

    But heaven knows I’m rich in small rodents; one cat doesn’t do the job. So with luck… The current kits are all the same color, maybe because they’re still young. A lovely light tan, with wide tails that come to a point, like very young Persian cats.

    Bill says it takes only 4 generations of selection for docility to basically create a dog, so thanks again for the reinforcement.

  • Leslie Said,

    Forgot to say that although they don’t eat vegetables, they DO eat fruits. Fortunately we don’t have any grapes.

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