How To See a Moose (without really trying)

  1. Be in Maine
  2. Be in an area of open woods with water near, somewhat away from human activity but not necessarily far away.
  3. Be in such places frequently for other reasons: fishing, say, or hunting wild mushrooms.
  4. Look up when you hear a noise that sounds about like squirrels in the leaves but maybe not quite.
5. Notice dark shape in the distance.

5. Notice dark shape in the distance.

6. Pull the string around your neck to lift the camera out of your shirt pocket so you can send your wife a picture of a

Baby bull moose.

Baby bull moose.

Experience and photos by Bill Bakaitis

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  • ruralway Said,

    We just came back from a week in Maine-my fist time there-and while we did not see a moose, we loved our visit there. Sane people, great weather, beautiful open spaces and a nice way of life. Makes me want to give up on NY state and head to Maine. We had frost here while we were away but the coldest it got was 46 degrees and we were just south of Portland. And Portland is a fun place to be with good vittles and great scenery. We miss being there!

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