About That Bird – Turkey Tip Time Again

Roughly 15 years ago I wrote a piece for Yankee magazine titled something like “ The Only Roast Turkey Recipe You Will Ever Need.” Still substantially true, should you be the type who keeps clippings forever, but there have been a few refinements in the intervening years – mostly because there have been refinements in the turkeys themselves. Roast Turkey 101.2, The Upgrade, with Wild Mushroom Stuffing, was therefore rolled out last year.

Wild turkey booking it through the lower garden; she knows what's coming

Wild turkey booking it through the lower garden; she knows what's coming

That discussion was pretty extensive. I have nothing more to add at this time since I haven’t yet made up my mind about whether I want to bone it. (stay tuned)

Thanksgiving tips from around the web:

There’s a nice tip from Kim Severson in today’s obligatory turkey story in the New York Times: cook the extra bread stuffing in heavily buttered muffin tins for a crisp crust and a soft interior. “Let me just say: I rocked the stuffing muffins,” she crows. “Imagine how good they must have been, then times it to the 10th power.”

I totally believe her, though not being as she is constrained by word count will add that I plan to cover the pan so the tops don’t dry out; crust on 3 sides should be sufficient.

A great deal more than you need or want to know about the party-planning aspect, along with the usual stern words about food safety,  is now available here from the ever-helpful USDA.

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