Hating Monsanto, Part 2

I was wrong!

Not long ago, I suggested that calling Monsanto “evil” was inaccurate, because Monsanto wasn’t a person capable of moral intention but rather a corporation, with “neither a soul to lose nor a body to kick.”  Not sure everybody got it, but my point was that the people who run Monsanto might or might not be despicable, but the corporation itself had no meaning or purpose except to make money for the people who owned shares in it.

As of this morning, however, thanks to a 5 ( guess which 5) to 4 ruling of the Supreme Court, Monsanto IS a person, no different from you or me (except for being considerably less responsible for its actions). So go ahead, feel free, call it evil to your hearts’ content.

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  • Anne Said,

    Well, yes. Companies are run by people; who make decisions and are capable (!) of making them for better or worse by others. These people (Monsanto) choose not to concern themselves about anyone else or the environment. You bet there is someone behind the decisions. A company cannot make decisions en masse; independent of its people. Each person in it is responsible; but some have more power than others, of course.

    I know you were trying to be generous in spirit, but let’s call a spade a spade. Honesty is the first step in righting wrongs. You are not not nice because you tell the truth; and good on you for seeing this. I enjoy your blog and look in on it several times a week. It is well written, has interesting subject matter; it seems very educated about a lot of them.

    Plus, you seem to be very nice people.

  • susan Said,

    my family quietly blamed Monsanto for my brother’s death back in 1966. There were several children that year that died of different forms of cancer. There were no bone marrrow transplants or chemotherapy at the time, only painful blood transfusions. My sweet leukemia ridden nine year old brother and Marie, our dearest friends daughter both died that summer. There were others in the Connecticut river valley where Monsanto’s plant in Chicopee spewed noxious fumes up and down the valley.

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