The Way to Blog Brilliantly

Gray Tree Frog (Hyla versicolor) *

The way to blog brilliantly has been being demonstrated for a couple of years now by Margaret Roach, over at A Way to Garden. You wouldn’t necessarily know it from looking at my efforts, but she has been an ongoing inspiration ever since she started.

As the upgrades here continue I keep thinking I’ll find the right time to say thank you – after I get the new link list up, say, or post the long planned shopping page. But how bogus is that? The time to say thank you is always right now, so Thank You, Margaret, thank you very much.

If you know her, you know why the gratitude picture is of a frog. If you don’t, that’s one more reason to trot over there and have a look.

* I’m saying it’s Hyla versicolor on account of the markings and because it was tiny, about an inch long, max. But it might be a small Green Tree Frog, H. cinerea, not so much because it’s green (the gray ones can also be green) as because it was right there in the garden on a hollyhock leaf instead of hiding where it couldn’t be seen.

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  • Elaine Said,

    I, too, enjoy Margaret’s blog and have been an avid reader of hers almost from the start of her blogging career. But, I also have been enjoying your blog since I discovered it a month ago.

    That is a fine picture of a frog!

  • Thank you, Leslie. I love doing the blog and especially that it has connected me with a gardening community despite the fact that I mostly sit here by myself staring out the window. Technology is grand (so is semi-hermitage).

    I hope you will still like me when I relaunch the site in another week or so. Yes, another facelift (easier than having one myself), our annual March “new look.” I just cannot seem to help myself, kind of like with plants, you know?

  • Anne Said,

    Whatever it is; it is darling. Thank you for the picture.

  • Lorna Sass Said,

    I love Margaret’s blog and I love yours too! Cheers. Lorna

  • Mary Ahern Said,

    I’ve been following Margaret for years and now she’s led me to your blog. That’s how to build up a circle of support and interest.

    I don’t write nearly as much as either of you but I do have my own garden blog which you might like.

  • Leslie Said,

    Elaine, Anne, Lorna, thanks so much

    Mary, happy to have you in the circle. And of course

    Margaret – I eagerly await your newest, with every confidence it will be even more splendid than the current version. Glad you’re enjoying the less densely-populated life. Scritches to Jack, the perfect companion in so many ways.

    Just noticed that Lorna’s link goes (duh!) to her home page. Be sure to visit her blog, too. It’s one of my favorites

  • Margaret’s a Way to Garden is an inspiration to us all.

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