Thursday is the first of April

What can I say? Bill is an outdoorsy kind of guy and he’s starting to get antsy. I just opened my e-mail and there with a request to pass it on was this picture and accompanying quiz

by Bill Bakaitis

Thursday is the first of April.

Here is a quiz.

When the leaf of the white oak is the size of the ear of a gray squirrel:

A. Trout shall rise to a dry fly.

B. Morels shall appear, flushed from the damp duff.

C. Fiddleheads, their green fuse forcing, shall rise to Dylan’s toast.

D. In delirious delight young men of all ages shall rise nightly from warm women filled beds, neglecting the very warmth that nourished them through the winter.

(I refuse to take any responsibility, but we do have a thorough post on collecting and cooking fiddleheads, and  there’s tons of practical advice in Bill’s morel hunting field guide. He hasn’t written about fly fishing yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time. )

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  • Jonathan Said,

    So excited morels are here! Or there, where you are. I’m in Vermont and so I’ve been watching your blog for a post on morels as a sign that morel season is approaching up here (along with maple leaves the size of a mouse’s ear, among other things, of course). Love your site, have learned a ton, and appreciate all the work you put into it. Well I’m off to gather some fiddleheads–they’re finally just poking their heads up around these parts. Happy hunting!

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