Eek of the Week – Dyed Blue Orchid

dyed blue orchid

I first saw this thing around Easter time, took a photograph (finding it almost uniquely eekworthy), then realized I couldn’t excoriate it here because I’d forgotten to take a closeup of the label.

And when I went back it had disappeared.

Or so I thought. No such luck. It has returned. The greenhouse/nursery at Adams is a reputable outfit and has therefore posted a warning

warning sign for dyed orchid

But the distributors of this abomination

are less conscientious

At least as far as the label on the plant itself is concerned. Pretty expensive for a cheap trick. Especially when for the same money you could buy a tree peony like

Paeonea suffruticosa 'Ezra Pound' tree peony

'Ezra Pound'

I almost like it better closed

Ezra Pound tree peony ( P. suffruticosa) in rain

Ezra in the rain

One bit of advice: Do not plant a tree peony – or anything else with fragile branches – at the corner of the drive and the walkway to the gas tanks. Persons dragging heavy hoses must be warned, which rather spoils the effect.

protecting a tree peony

Tree peony prices vary, but as it happens Klehm’s, where I bought our plant, is truly selling E.P. for 39.95.

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  • Susan Scheid Said,

    eek of the week right up there with blue-poppy wallpaper, I’d say. Tree peonies, on the other hand, are so, so exquisite. Thanks for the beautiful close-ups of Ezra P.(the peony).

  • Every year I happily tolerate scorn and ridicule for placing my beach umbrella over our tree peonies, anything for an extra day of exquisiteness.

    Thank you for saying, Andrew! I do think about it, I really do. Maybe the solution is some kind of tree peony pavilion/arbor, with an open, decorative (cast iron?) superstructure that has a pull-across awning for rainy days. Hardscape heaven – if only one had the $$$.

  • Laura W Said,

    I’m with you! I’ll take Ezra (or anything else from Klehm’s) over Blue Mystique EVERY day of the week. And twice on Sunday. Yikes…

  • Evelin D. Said,

    I got scammed, just when I came home did I realize that something looked fishy. In 1 week, all the flowers fell off, there goes my “blue Orchid”. 🙁

    Welcome, Evelin,
    and thanks for reporting, though of course I’m so sorry to hear your news. On first viewing it’s pretty gorgeous, but… And to add to the general irritation, there ARE some spectacular orchids that are genuinely just on the purple side of blue. If you’re anywhere near NYC when the NY Botanical Garden has its annual orchid show (early spring), do try to get there and see what’s possible on the up and up.

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