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Triple Ginger Gingerbread – and the paths down which it led

Actually, Triple Ginger was the first stop on a path that started with a yen for old fashioned hot water gingerbread: soft, spicy, homely, simple to make –  the original brownie, if  by “brownie” you mean a rich dark snack cake to eat out of hand. (The chocolate kind is a cake-come-lately compared to gingerbread.)

I don’t make gingerbread very often, and thus felt in need of a reminder recipe. But instead of consulting any of several dozen cookbooks or, of course, the net, I made the mistake of trolling about in my own published works, where I stumbled on

Triple Ginger Gingerbread, whole

Triple Ginger Gingerbread*

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Breeding Peonies the Easy Way

single red peony - from seedling

One of the peonies I bred myself (sorta)

Breeding peonies the way the pros do isn’t hugely difficult, but it takes a lot more care and attention than what might be called the

Go With The Flow Method of Breeding Peonies

Step one: Don’t get around to deadheading everything.

Step two: Don’t get so enthusiastic about weeding you inadvertently pull up the self-sown babies.

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TOMATO AND POTATO BLIGHT ALERT – with organic management tips

for anyone who lives where it has been raining rather a lot lately. All this dampness, combined with cool temperatures, creates a perfect environment for the spread of Late Blight, Phytopthera infestans.

Just to refresh your memory, that’s the disease responsible for major crop devastations from the Irish potato famine of the 1840s to the Eastern US tomato catastrophe of 2009.

Although Late Blight isn’t a fungus, it’s like a fungus in that once you’ve got it, you’re cooked.

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