Garden Alert! Before The Storm…

alliums on table/movable objects

How many things can you find in this picture that ought to get put away?

Not much can be done to protect the garden itself – but a quick patrol may well uncover potential missiles.

Put inside:

Flowerpots, empty or full


Solar lights (even with spikes in the ground; heavy rains can loosen them enough for a wind gust to pick ‘em up)

Birdbath bowls not attached to strong bases (also the bases if just standing there)

Thermometers and rain gauges not securely fixed to strong supports.

Statuary, gazing balls, any ornament that weighs less than 40 lbs. (or more, if winds are expected to gust over 75 MPH).

Reduce hazards from:

Tuteurs – if possible to turn on their sides without destroying vines, do that. If the vines are annuals, consider saying goodbye and bringing the supports in.

Wheelbarrows – turn upside down

Tables, chairs and benches – if there isn’t room inside, turn tables upside down; put chairs and benches in the lee of a building with the least wind-catching side up.

Flapping doors on outbuildings – if you have a door with loose hinges or a slider, be sure it’s secured.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, please add to the list!

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  • Speaking of flapping doors, I have a moveable utility cart used for both Grilling and outdoor supplies. I secure the doors by moving it against a fence/wall.

    And if you haven’t taken down that Japanese beetle trap, your neighbors may prefer it not splatting on their home.

    Thanks for the reminder about the beetle trap, Scotty! We don’t use them; I’m convinced they bring more beetles than they kill. But we DO (or did, until a few hours ago) have a yellow jacket trap in an apple tree – to try to protect the nearby figs – and I’d forgotten all about it since it’s hidden by the apple leaves.

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