My Funny Valentine

That’s “funny” as in “peculiar.” Found it years ago in a junk shop, when I still had time/inclination to rummage about in the old postcards. The writing side is blank. There is a box for the stamp: One Cent Domestic, Two Cents Foreign.

The sentiment in the lower right – difficult to photograph – is “I Do Love Violets; They Tell The History Of Woman’s Love.”

valentine with violets

I can only suppose the purple flowers are violets, although the artist appears to have taken considerable liberties. The white ones are clearly lilies of the valley.


Needless to say, there is no WAY I’d ever give it to anyone, including my adored husband (who, in any case, fails to appreciate this sort of thing for the wonderfulness it is).

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  • Nancy Griffin Said,

    Hah! Nothing like a warlike golden eagle effigy to inspire romance! I know my heart would melt if a loved one presented this to me. Great find, Leslie! You have an eye for the quirky, for sure. And I’ll stop right there. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of youse. (You and adored husband.)

  • That’s a strange one, for sure! I wonder what story violets tell….

  • Susan Scheid Said,

    I wouldn’t think of the eagle as Valentine’s fare. There’s got to be a good story behind this one!

    You’re right about that, Sue – AND Nancy and Melinda! I’m almost tempted to make this the next contest: best explanation of what’s going on here wins…what? I’d offer one of my (slightly) more expendable antique valentines if I were closer to where they’re all stashed… but who would want one?

    Come to think of it: writers! What do you think, writing fans – are you interested?

  • Jayne Said,

    So emphatic…I DO love violets. I agree the eagle does not inspire romance.

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