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From the Garden


The making of the 3000 Mile Garden , from the mushroom conference in New Hampshire that started it all, through years of letters between Maine and London, to  the filming of the PBS series (with many helpful tips about managing a film crew in your garden. Do not, for instance, let them use a helicopter). Update on the latest in our friendship and Roger’s exciting new  internet kingdoms of roses, mushrooms and more.


A lightening tour of America’s rich horticultural heritage, with the keys for success in passing it on, and for creating your own contributions. Covers vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. Illustrated with favorites from my garden and classics from around the country. Sources, growing tips, and design ideas.


When a sprig of baby’s breath and a leaf or two of leather fern are no longer enough. Tips and tricks for choosing cut flowers, finding unusual fillers, and making arrangements that look lavish without breaking the bank. Gardeners’ guide to flower harvesting covers many familiar favorites and highlights uncommon beauties that are easy to grow.

From the Market: Guided Tastings


Learn – and taste! – the difference between Estate-grown Criollo varieties and mass-market Foresteros. Discover why connoisseurs use wine speak words like leather, tobacco and acidity and mean them as compliments. Includes a short history of chocolate from its European debut (as a drink for privileged grownups) to the partnership of Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle , whose development of stable milk chocolate changed candy forever.


Late August through October only. How flavor is formed and why color doesn’t matter – except to your health. The differences between heirlooms and hybrids, cherries, plums, beefsteaks and more. Includes tomato preserving tips and recipe handout.


The oil that comes from olives is great stuff, to be sure , but there’s a whole glorious world of flavor in walnuts, peanuts, sunflowers, pumpkin seeds, avocadoes and hazelnuts, to name just a few . Taste the differences and learn when to use which. Recipe handout with source list.