Organic Peanut Butter – safe? or not

Being a peanut butter fan who eats only the freshly ground organic version, I’ve been thinking the big salmonella scare had nothing to do with me. The ever-lengthening list of suspect cookies and crackers and snacks just seemed to confirm that eating junk food wasn’t such a red hot idea. I simply couldn’t imagine a plant like the one described would meet the stringent requirements for organic certification.

But as we are being reminded by this swiftly unfolding debacle, laws that say things must be inspected and actual inspection are two very different things. This Morningstar article describes a number of organic ( italics mine) peanut forms – not products, forms, including plain roasted peanuts – that are being recalled because they came through the contaminated plant.

Maybe it’s overkill and maybe it aint, but it’s sure a reminder not to be too trusting about the magic word.

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