No heating season complete without a startup drama, in this case a very loud eek! coming from the woodstove. Bill rescued the source and sent a picture, along with an explanation of why the thing doesn’t look quite right.

immature starling, bound for freedom

immature starling, bound for freedom

“The starling that came down the stovepipe. By spring the white tips on the feathers wear off and the stronger dark fibers (with melanin) give the metallic coloration.”

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  • Julia Westerinen Said,

    Love the starling episode and pic. Leslie, you have a wonderful blog, fwded. by Eleanor Magid. I’m so glad to have access to it…the writing is superb, but I’m not surprised. Hope you remember me from painting your lovvely garden last summer when I stayed at Lois’s.
    Thank you for that!

  • leslie Said,

    welcome to the blog, Julia, happy to have you visit here, too, and hope you’ll come back often.

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