Eeek of the Week – Nuclear Sludge Toxic Waste Chew Bars

This may be another one of those deals like the single cup coffee pods, where everybody knows all about it but me. Nevertheless –  and notwithstanding some reservations about giving the things any more publicity –  I have to say that a candy bar called Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge is just a little too ironic, even without its being manufactured in Pakistan.

I kid you not. These treats exist, in multiple flavors including cherry, sour apple and blue raspberry. (A popular flavor, that last; I’ve seen it in water ices and soft drinks and it’s probably in many other products well below my radar.)

label of cherry toxic waste chew bar

Cherry on the sundae? The Nuclear Sludge bars came to my attention because they made the news. Some of the cherry flavored ones were found (by the California Department of Public Health) to contain  way too much lead , so the company decided to initiate a voluntarily recall… We remember long about now that until the new food safety law both goes into effect and is sufficiently funded  – wanna take bets? – the FDA cannot make anyone take anything back.

Here’s the  rest of the information:

ingredient label for cherry flavored toxic waste chew bar

I was unable to find any organized initiative  called ” A Cleaner Planet,” with or without the tasteful logo. If you know of one, please tell us.

Also, does anybody know why kids, who supposedly have very sensitive taste buds, adore super-sourness? There are lots and lots of candies marketed to this craving, and it ain’t just candy. Country children are (or were) partial to chewing on stalks of rhubarb and ” don’t eat too many green apples” wouldn’t be such a staple warning if eating green apples were rare.

Photos from the website of the FDA

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