Rugelach and Heath Bar Cookies: Searching For My Valentine

rugelach cookies

Rugelach, the cookie supreme: buttery, flaky, not too sweet, and small enough so you can pretend that eating a couple won't matter.

In spite of their undoubted splendor, I won’t be making Rugelach for Valentine’s Day this year. The problem is that I made them for Valentine’s Day two years ago and got reminded how good they are.

Doesn’t sound like a problem, but as a result I started making them frequently, and as a result of that they are no longer special enough to be this year’s Home Baked Gift of Love.

Besides, getting there is half the fun if you have a lot of clippings and cookbooks – and an appreciative husband to whom failed experiments are a kind of foreplay.

I know, I know, purchased high end chocolate is faster and easier. And even worse, the truth is my personal appreciative husband would be just as happy with low end chocolate (he really isn’t fussy as long as a cacao tree was involved at some point.)

But as it happens we already have some extremely classy truffles that a good friend brought as a house gift, so I can make something that isn’t chocolate which is very nice for me even if I don’t know what it is yet.

heath bar cookies with almonds

Heath Bar Cookies, home of all four major food groups: sugar, fat, salt and crunch

This isn’t supposed to be about me, so I could just cave and make Heath Bar Cookies, a rather louche item everyone adores. But I’m not going to do it, because in spite of not being crazy about chocolate I adore them too and they’re really ruinous in the girth department.

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  • Lord, I thought it said “health bar cookies”!!!!! Sounds fabulous, regardless.

    Hi Melinda,
    Guess we might as well leave Dr. Freud out of it, but I will say you’re not the only one who has made this wishful mistake. Sorry to report they are really good, at least the first dozen or so…

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